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Calibre is a full-time education centre in Bryanston. Students from Grade 1 – 12 work from 8:00 – 15:00 towards a recognized Matric certificate in face-to-face lessons in a programme designed for their own unique needs. Students attend tutorials every day in supporting home education or distance learning.

  • 4:1 Class sizes
  • No uniform
  • No homework
  • No online lessons

Calibre has done school differently for 16 years and seen 100s of young people matriculate successfully.

Calibre is an educational support centre in Bryanston and now also in Broadacres. For 10 years, Calibre has successfully provided educational strategies for a variety of needs in the modern South African educational landscape.

Calibreʼs philosophy is based on providing student-centred solutions for every individual need with excellence. Calibre provides a range of services for students in every

Calibre Education Provides:

A caring environment where anxieties and fears are managed.

An individual timetable for every student.

No homework.

1-on-1 tuition and group tutorials of no more than 4 students.

Ideal environment for students with barriers to learning.

Scribing & reading services, separate venue concessions and apprenticeship-style learning.

Calibre Plus for post-Matric students who want to improve their results.

A safe and caring environment where anxieties and fears are managed.

Calibre Education Provides:

Fully functional learning spaces designed for Calibre's unique methodology.

Wi-fi in every centre.

Audio-visual equipment to enrich the learning process.

Fully equipped kitchens for provision of practical subjects.

Large well-maintained garden spaces, secure parking, security and managed access.

Calibre understands the challenges faced by many students in mainstream learning environments. Anxiety, fear of failure, learning in large classes, social issues, bullying and loss of identity are the realities for a growing number of young people. Calibre provides a bespoke solution for each child in an environment that celebrates uniqueness and diversity. No homework. No uniform. No hair rules.

Calibre is a vision made manifest and powered by LisaAnn Haynes, a committed and qualified teacher and a mother of two children, and Adam Dobson, a qualified and experienced educationalist. LisaAnn and Adam believe that ‘school’ can be done differently and young people do not have to be defined by the schooling system.

The values of Community, Growth, Learning, Compassion and Integrity form the bedrock of Calibre’s success and every decision made is exclusively concerned with what is in the best interests of each individual child. Calibre’s flexibility, experience and commitment ensure that each child receives the programme that is right for them. Calibre strives to provide a learning environment in which young people want to flourish and offer the best they can, whatever that may be.

Curriculum Provider

Centres providing home education tuition (up to Grade 9) or Post-compulsory phase tuition (Grades 10 -12) cannot generate their own material and all students must have access to materials compliant with the national curriculumʼs guidelines and imperatives. Students at Calibre are enrolled with Path-Finder Curriculum Services. This is an Educational Materials Provider and ensures students and parents in Grades 1-12 have all the tools and materials they need to obtain accredited, CAPS compliant results, accepted by schools in South Africa.

The Curriculum Provider, Path-Finder, is responsible for setting the broad schedule of work and assessment for each Grade, in line with the National Curriculum, and CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements). Path-Finder has developed materials and programmes which are congruent with the specific needs of the Calibre tutoring model. Calibre Education is responsible to ensure each young person has a unique programme that allows them to work through the material in small groups, at their own pace, to ensure that all the content has been covered and that the young person is confident they have a clear understanding of the material. Calibre Education manages all assessments and marks and submits all requirements to Path-Finder and the examination body.

Calibreʼs tutors augment the material received by individually focused methodology; the use of IT, fieldtrips and a creative and dynamic approach to learning in small groups.

The Examination Body

Grade 10-12 students, who are part of the Post-compulsory schooling phase (which is available when turning 15 years of age) write the examinations through the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) and obtain a Matric Certificate which is indistinguishable from those obtained through mainstream schooling. SACAI has provisional accreditation with Umalusi (the country’s quality assurance body in education), and they are a recognised provider of examination and assessment services, and manage the Continuous Assessment, Portfolio and Examination requirements of Calibreʼs Grade 10, 11 and 12 students, ensuring that all National Senior Certificate requirements are satisfied.

Calibre has had a long and successful relationship with SACAI and hundreds of Matric students have successfully passed through Calibre’s doors with a recognized Matric certificate to go on to study in South Africa or abroad.